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Yes, I accept that. With the benefit of hindsight, 2012, I think everybody in the Metropolitan Police might accept that. There was a communication strategy which was devised in 2006 and it was multifaceted. It dealt with the information that was put out for offer. Two people had been arrested, two people had been charged with these offences. There was various media lines put out throughout the process: two men have pleaded guilty and then latterly two men have been sent to prison. So there were through the process of August into January 2007 a number of media lines put out and a lot of media coverage as a result of that.

In addition to that, we were talking to all of the airtime providers for two reasons. One was to ensure that technically the airtime providers were doing something, were putting some remedial action in place to prevent this from occurring in the future, and I understand they did that, and simply it looks like if you have your PIN number changed, this is one example of it, you receive a text on your telephone to say your PIN number has been changed. That didn't happen in 2005, it happens now.

So there was remedial action taken by the telephone companies to actually stop that. There was other action taken by them.

There was also my understanding that the telephone companies for the non-four categories of victims, the non-military, royal household, MPs, police, were being told by those telephone companies that potentially their telephones had been accessed.

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