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No. On the first issue, I accept the organisation could have taken a different tactic, if you like, and tasked to go to a number of persons of interest -- I won't term them victims -- persons of interest, if you like, and inform them of that.

With regard to the second piece, the communication strategy, if you like, and the actions that we'd taken with regard to News International I think delivered the message to News International very firmly that either we have individuals within News International -- certainly we have individuals within News International who were engaged in sustained periods of criminal activity. That was borne out with the prosecution, it was borne out with the opening that Mr Parry on behalf of prosecution led on.

I have considered the issue of whether or not we would go to News International and have a conversation, and if we'd done that, it may well have been viewed cynically. Had we done that in 2006, for example, I don't know whether we would be sitting here in 2012 trying to answer --

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