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No, I can't. All I can suggest is that the task has been handed to the officer from the Department of Professional Standards by one of the exhibits officers within the counter terrorism command, DC Hills, who has made various assumptions and briefed on that basis. That's all I can assume this is.

The investigation from December 2005 through to August 2006 and beyond that was a very, very tight investigation. There were very few officers who were involved in that who knew the details of what had gone on. Hence when I opened this up to the 30 or so officers who went through and populated the Blue Book, they were developed vetted staff officers.

Throughout this investigation and beyond, into 2006, there was a tight investigation, the details of which were known by very few people.

What I have here and I can assume is that DC Hills, who wasn't part of that, has briefed the officer from the Department of Professional Standards, put some context around this, and that's what the officer has written within this tasking. It's not significant I recognise with regard to the investigation.

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