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Sir, it was unprecedented. There's again examples to try and illustrate the point. If you imagine New Scotland Yard, the incident rooms for the attacks on 7/7 stretched right the way around two floors and when you compare a typical incident room for a murder would be a room something like this, that's the scale of the 7/7 attack.

Then we had the other plots that were going on that we were trying to thwart, and of course running in parallel with this operation, the phone hacking operation was going to probably dwarf 7/7 and be, as many commentators have said, the sort of 9/11 for the UK, and that was also the other operation, Operation Overamp, which was the 12 people arrested in Sussex. They were the ones that were, you know, grabbing all the attention and close management, and it was -- I'm -- I feel terrible for the impact for the victims of phone hacking, it must be absolutely awful and I wouldn't minimise that, but at the same time I'd rather be facing questions around that than I would be about more loss of life, which 7/7 was awful.

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