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Firstly, the number of police officers that were being brought in from around the country was unprecedented. You know, the -- without making any sort of alarmist statements here, the pot was actually running dry, so we had nowhere really to go. Within the Met, that was exactly the same. We see the number of resources that are now being used as events have unfolded. That would have had a massive impact on counter terrorism, those numbers.

I can absolutely accord with your point around perception, but I can tell you that the team that were on it are ferocious, they have a reputation of being ferocious, and if, let's say, there is a scenario, which some people have argued around the conspiracy that there was a not such ferociousness around because of a perceived relationship, it was impossible, in my view. If you wanted to be disproportionate towards those alleged perpetrators, or you wanted to dilute down the investigation, the security and parameters that were set by the SIO would make that impossible. And if I personalise that, if there was an agenda from me or any other person, Assistant Commissioner, who wanted to dilute or disproportionately ramp up that operation, it would be impossible for that to happen without the SIO calling foul or asking for that individual to record why they want something done in that decision log.

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