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I can remember it distinctly, sir. I think Peter was away, Peter Clarke. The late John McDowall was standing in as his deputy, and the conversation probably only lasted less than, I don't know, four or five minutes when he -- I was in my office, he came to my office and it was along the lines of, "Just so you're aware, the investigation team appear to be creating a list and here's a list of names, we don't know what the status is, haven't got a clue where this is going, but we just want you to know there's a list emerging", and I didn't think any more of it and I remember that being -- on the numbers I've come to here -- and, sorry, there was -- also within that conversation he described where the investigation may be able to identify if someone went beyond just having an address book into having more than the telephone number, but that's my recollection.

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