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With great respect to her, putting it in the Guardian, although doubtless of extreme value, doesn't clarify the position; it merely raises the question. It obviously means that I'm going to ask Mr Garnham, in the light of the fact that you raise it, to check through with the officers who gave evidence and the system that is available in the Metropolitan Police to find out whether there is any documentation that surrounds the visit that a senior police officer will have had with that particular minister to deal with this topic. Let's see if we can bottom that as well, not because the answer will necessarily take the Inquiry to some conclusion as opposed to another, but because I do think that the value of the Inquiry is that issues such as this can be ventilated, provided they don't take too long. I've spent a long time on all sorts of issues which are just slightly off the main beam but may be relevant to the overall picture that is being presented, but I have to keep things in balance.

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