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Well, it's a real fear, and certainly journalists have expressed it very forcefully to me. So they're anxious about it. I think if all the things that I'm saying are adopted by the Met, particularly the openness and more contact with the media, this should not happen. Yes, it will be more controlled, I hope, and less harmful, I hope, but I'm not in any way wishing to undermine proper scrutiny. The opposite. I mean, I think there's quite a lot more scrutiny that needs to happen. So I'm trying to encourage more scrutiny, and I think the Met should be about encouraging more scrutiny.

So, yes, there may be problems which people may have to work through. If they find that everything's dried up, this is a very proper thing to discuss and set right. So I -- but I don't at the moment see that that will be a problem or a particular problem.

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