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Well, I'm seeking to convey that there will be some information -- and the Met must make it absolutely clear what that is -- that everybody who works for the Met can and should pass on to members of the public, to local media outlets and to anybody else who talks to them, and that there should be a general view that this 54,000 people who are working for London and working for the public are responsible people and that they can -- as long as they stick to what it's being said can be given out, they can give it out, and that people with particular responsibilities at certain levels -- and I've set out the levels -- will tell their line manager that they're going to be investigating X or doing Y, and the assumption will be that part of that job is that their job is to keep the media informed and not informed, as is appropriate, and that it will be their responsibility.

So I'm saying that numbers of those things will be, if you like, agreed -- they might be agreed now -- and it will be in six months' time that a chief inspector doing something will be -- because that's his or her area of work and they'll be able to provide information on it.

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