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It's more to the extreme of what you described to Elizabeth Filkin, that this was going to go no further any stage. I think a lot of it is in definition actually. Some of it is if -- "not yet for publication" would be more to the point, and in my -- previous to being the Chief Constable -- because the question the Inquiry asked me was "as a chief constable" -- there have been times when I've been leading major inquiries where I've had "not yet for publication" conversations. I'm not a huge fan of what people term "off the record", although they do mean different things by it, I've found, but there is a place for it. If that is in extremis, if life is going to be endangered, as you put to the previous witness, if an inquiry is going to be prejudiced, then there is a place for it, but it should be limited, in my view.

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