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We did look at the Metropolitan Police and I got a sense that there was an intensity about the environment, that you have a lot of people physically located here, so having those relationships -- and there can be something seductive, I guess, about the environment whereby you are working here so it's -- you know, let's pop into a -- let's socialise, almost, together, and do business at the same time.

That doesn't always apply outside of London, would be my take on it -- this wasn't a particular strand of the Inquiry, I have to stress -- but I did make the point -- because lots of chief officers and the police were saying to me: "This is a London problem, Roger, not for here." I don't accept that bit. I think it's a problem for the whole of England and Wales, but I think there is a different level of intensity on some of those relationships, and I know I'm generalising, here in London.

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