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Well, there's a scale issue, forgive me, on the size of the Metropolitan Police and the nature of policing in the Metropolitan Police, that they do some top-end business which is going to be interesting to the public and therefore very interesting to the media. They have responsibility for counter-terrorism and things like. And to be blunt, crime and everything that goes with it, policing, is of an interest. It will sell newspapers or cover space. But that is not to suggest that the media will not be interested in other parts of the country, and the point for me was: a lot of this you can still cover it by not leaving London if you wanted to, if you took social networking. If I were a journalist, which I'm not, you could cover most of these things virtually, if you so wished. And when we go on to the report, a lot of the gaps and the lack of threshold and what's appropriate and what isn't applies equally outside of London than it does within the Metropolitan Police.

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