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Thank you. I may move on to paragraph 27, if I can take the intervening paragraphs as read. That's at the bottom of page 8257. You're still dealing with Essex here. You say:

"A record of all my meetings and contacts with the media was recorded in my electronic diary. I was always accompanied by a member of the media and public relations department who would have recorded the contact and key aspects of the interview discussion."

So those are two important safeguards, which you underline:

"The Essex Police media policy, talking to the media, reflected the ACPO guidance and required a record to be made of all information provided to the media by any member of staff. This policy also stated that off-the-record contact with the media should not be undertaken. All media releases by the media and public relations department and divisional media co-ordinators were recorded. The Essex media policy is an intranet-based system."

And we've had a look at that.

I've been asked to put to you this point in relation to off-the-record briefings by another core participant, that page 29 of the report "Without fear or favour" recorded that different forces had different approaches to off-the-record briefings. So far so good?

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