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That's right. For the Police Service, which is the Association of Chief Police Officers and currently the Association of Police Authorities, to come back to me with their views on the report. I have to say, they seem to have received it very well. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating, but having done a number of these reports before, there's been a difference with this one, that they were very open to engage the service across the piece, responded to quite a burdensome request from the inspectorate to provide lots of information in a very short period of time, which they did, in my view, the best to do, and there have been no naysayers to this point. But I will know at the end of the month what the initial thrust is.

I then intend to reinspect this piece of work prior to the Police and Crime Commissioner's taking up post in November of this year. So by October of this year not only will we have what the solutions are to this -- this piece of work, that is -- but how they're progressing, how they're being implemented.

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