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I wasn't thinking about primacy or you treading on my toes. I wanted to make sure that I could use the expertise that you bring to bear from your experience as a police officer and as an inspectorate so that whatever I recommend fits with what you think will work. You may have heard that I've said to editors throughout that I am very keen that what I suggest, whatever it might be, doesn't immediately get the riposte: "Well, that shows how little clue he has", and so it just sits on a shelf gathering dust. And in the same way I say about the regulation, if that's what there is to be, of the press, so I say it in relation to the police, where there isn't likely to be a statutory solution to anything. It is much more going to be around the culture and the positioning of the Police Service so as it to be able to address the issues that have emerged both through the report commissioned by the Commissioner and by the report commissioned by the Home Secretary have spoken about.

I see the bits of work as complementary. You've come at it from the inspectorate's perspective, Elizabeth Filkin's come at it from the internal police perspective, albeit only the Metropolitan Police. I have to sort of try and grip the whole piece, and so it's not that you will tread on my toes; it's that I will want to make sure that what I can do, what I recommend, if that's where I go, fits with what you think will work. Do you follow me?

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