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We carried out -- having developed the methodology which was agreed with the Home Secretary, the terms of reference, we did share that with other people who were carrying out reviews at the time, including this Inquiry.

Having developed that methodology in terms of reference, one of the things we did was we checked all of the databases to try and find out what the scale of the problem was, what -- the quantum of the issues we were dealing with. We then carried out a two-day inspection, if you like, a review in each force and authority, where members of staff and secondees who were working for HMIC at the time went along and spoke to stakeholders and gathered evidence from all forces in England and Wales, including the police authorities.

Beyond that, we included the National Policing Improvement Agency, the British Transport Police and the Police Service of Northern Ireland that weren't part of the Home Secretary's terms of reference. They contacted us and asked if they could be included.

So we went to every force and authority, interviewed the stakeholders, got the policy documents, got the evidence, if you like, from them, which we were sharing with them as we went through it, and then started forming a view that is now captured within this report.

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