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My view is that what the report is trying to say, or hopefully communicates, is that you need to be very clear on what your values and standards are as an organisation. Some of that is in place through officers being attested, new members of staff joining the organisation. Underpinning those values needs to be a clarity of what is appropriate and not appropriate within the component parts of this report. So we discussed hospitality earlier. There needs to be a real clarity on what is appropriate behaviour and what isn't, and if there's something that falls between, what course of action do you take.

It's only then, in my view, can you apply proper governance and oversight to this. Otherwise you're putting the cart before the horse. If you've not got clarity of rules on what a good job looks like, you can't come along and regulate it. So whether I'm a new Police and Crime Commissioner, whether I'm the Inspectorate, whether I'm the Chief Constable, then I'm operating almost in a vacuum.

The point also in the report is I do not believe there should be geographic differences to this. There are 40-odd different ways of doing this at this moment in time that I find odd, I think the police find odd, in truth, and certainly the public think that is unusual.

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