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An extreme is somebody who had identified themselves as working for a police force, were exposing themselves on -- taking photographs of themselves minus appropriate clothing, and it had appeared on Facebook.

Lots of this seemed to be silliness, in truth, not organised criminality, and it was generally holiday snaps that had probably been taken many years previously when you were far younger, that in some bizarre moment, generally under the influence of alcohol, I suspect, that you've decided to share with the rest of the world in the tweetosphere or whatever it's called, so that would be an extreme case, to other cases of "I don't really like working for X police because they don't know what they're doing", so that would again impact on public confidence.

To stress, these cases were small in nature and my guess, and it is a guess, is that these people weren't doing it from malice aforethought, it was just an act of stupidity, but the impact on public confidence can be quite high, if you're following this on the network.

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