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I see the point entirely, sir. I think the difference for me is, because those similarities may exist, a lot of the turning the stone over in relation to the Metropolitan Police Service in this case wasn't the HMIC piece of work. The phone hacking with the Home Affairs Select Committee and all of that was pre-existing, and so Operation Weeting and Elveden and all these things were ongoing prior to HMIC being commissioned.

So the bit that's missing from the point you're making, from my perspective, is we didn't have that richness of data with the Police Service of Northern Ireland, ie they got a two-day light touch, along with other police forces in England and Wales. So it may exist and we may be able to do some further work on it to come back to you on what that looks like.

The bit that's missing from the Police Service of Northern Ireland is a level of exposure and scrutiny that the Metropolitan Police have enjoyed since the summer of last year.

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