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Right. Yes, again I declined not because I saw anything morally or ethically wrong per se; it just -- having spent my career sort of trying to major on integrity, independence, being apolitical, it just seemed that I would have to take decisions and be partial and be drawn into favouring or working with one group over another, and I say those who have done that, I don't think -- my view is there is nothing inherently wrong in that, it just -- it would have taken me out of my comfort zone.

The offers I had, several offers to write books, either personally or ghosted. Very seductive offers, very lucrative offers, some from publishers, some from agents, and all of those offers had linked to them serial rights to newspapers. But because I never explored any of those in great depth, I'm not sure if any of those would have been linked to any of the Times or sort of the News International group.

The specific columnist roles I was offered -- and this had sums of money attached to it. I was offered a columnist role with the Telegraph Group. I had a very limited approach from the Sunday People as to whether I would be a columnist, a ghosted columnist for them. I don't remember any specific approaches from the Sun or the Times or so on.

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