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Yes. There's a sort of serendipity of how it gets into my statement, in the sense that when I was trying to research issues around leaks and so on -- and you sort of dredge out of your senile mind memories of sort of going back -- I could remember a week early in 1998 where it had been a fairly frenetic week. We had raided a lot of homes of police officers, former police officers. There had been a lot of publicity around police discipline changes, and I remembered Kelvin MacKenzie going off on a riff for about a week, both on his talkshows and in the media, around that somehow I was trying to gag the police in relation to the media. I couldn't remember if it -- and I still can't remember whether that was linked to a sort of leak issue or whatever, but certainly it -- he had a "Let's get Paul Condon for a week". I certainly remember that.

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