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I have to say I don't know how the political genie can go back in the bottle, because in a sense, as always, the UK reflects the experiences of the United States, and my sense is -- and I again refer to it somewhere in my book -- about the way in which crime became a dominant issue in United States politics, and they, of course, have much less distinction between the operational independence of the police and the way police chiefs, for instance, are appointed and dismissed, and that's one of the issues that I've raised on a number of occasions in the Lords and elsewhere, about the new elected police commissioners. That is a directly borrowed concept from the United States. So I think we'll have some difficulty.

If one looks at the coverage of crime in the newspapers, it is enormous, and politicians are going to take note of that. I mean, quite often politicians report that crime and anti-social behaviour is the main issue on the doorstep during elections, and to some degree I'm afraid we are where we are. I wish we weren't.

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