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Yes, 10608. May I pick it up in your book at the bottom of page 135. This isn't available on the screen. You refer to a piece in the Daily Mail on 14 October 2004, when you were described as "Labour's favourite cop". You were Britain's most politically correct officer, Oxford educated, but no relation to the Prime Minister. So they were setting the tone fairly early on in relation to you.

You say, however:

"It went on to mention [this is the Daily Mail] that I'd been outspoken about the canteen culture of the police service, that I wanted to be more caring and gentle to ethnic minority and homosexual officers, that I was a reformer with close links to New Labour, and indeed that I'd shaved off my beard in order to become Commissioner."

And you say:

"That was the pattern for the next four years. Innumerable articles in an array of newspapers sought to shape my image, refining this early portrait of an intellectual, upper class, diversity obsessed, unscrupulously ambitious Labour fellow traveller."

There was another piece in the Mail, June 2005, when they misquoted your evidence to an employment tribunal?

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