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And then the bit that we have on the screen:

"This is the norm for public life, but it's dispiriting. Some time early in 2008, I think, I was sitting at a meeting of an Olympic steering group chaired by Mr Livingstone and Tessa Jowell. A major consultancy was reporting to the group that its work showed that there was an 80 per cent probability that the London Olympics would be delivered within the budget available. It had been promised that the results of this work would be made public and this should have been an unremarkable but good story. For nearly half an hour the politicians and officials present tried to decide how to deal with the presentation of the announcement convinced that the media would report the findings as indicating that there was now a 20 per cent chance that the budget would be insufficient. A very positive press release was eventually constructed but the story ran exactly as predicted."

So the bad news rather than the good news.

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