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I'm sure not, Lord Blair. We can be 100 per cent sure that it wasn't you.

You're dealing here, to give the context, you've given thought to whether there were any occasions when contact with journalists and particularly News International staff went beyond that which was strictly necessary for professional purposes, and you're volunteering here two incidents which might be said to fall in this category and the first one is the horse incident. It's a retired horse lent to a member of the public on the basis they would care for the animal, et cetera, and obviously bear all the expenses, and you understand that some time during your Commissionership Rebekah Brooks made such a request and arrangements were made for her to take care of a retired MPS horse.

"Although I am now aware and indeed was aware before I left the MPS that this had happened, I have no recollection of being asked to give my authority ..."

How did you become aware of that?

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