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It was a briefing where a record was kept. It was not reportable. I may be seen to be quibbling over these things. If one describes these things entirely as "off the record", it sounds like one is uncomfortable, that there is something inappropriate going on, something that, you know, is slightly shady, and I don't take this view.

I authorised it because I was concerned about -- I received some intelligence about where the media might wish to go in relation to this Inquiry, which I thought could derail the inquiry, to a degree, which was already an enormous affair in terms of sightings, hoaxings, all sorts of considerations, and I felt it would be problematic for the family as well, and for that reason -- I go back to the critical incident doctrine -- I thought that there were compelling reasons -- there was a legitimate purpose to undertaking this -- and that's a phrase I would want to come back to, "a legitimate policing purpose" -- for doing this, in order to avoid harms that I could foresee.

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