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But also for those who are engaged at the top end in these most contested environments, there's a mechanism for them, with some kind of external review group -- we use that. Others do from time to time. Not just a set of police officers, or -- if they're en route to a decision, there's not just something that they can resolve with the CPS, as it were, where we can resolve quite a lot -- is this thing viable or whatever else. The value of doing this, given all the pressure and resources, they can test it.

Now, there's an argument that should be with the Police and Crime Commissioner and that may be so, but they may well get some comfort from having, as it were, a group of people, if you like, non-execs, whatever phrase one wants to use, people who are experienced, authoritative in their own world, who can give them a view, to say, "I think it is worth you doing this", even though you have a lot of other pressures on.

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