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Mr Jay, I wonder if it would be helpful -- I think somehow or other our names must have got transposed. I think that's for Mr Baker. But what I suggest in relation to the PNC, if it's satisfactory to you, is we'll provide a written response.

I can broadly tell you what we do at PNC. Obviously I don't know all the details of Essex and I can tell you what the HMIC do and in essence, we did an intensive look at the PNC and leakage between 2005 and 2007, established some with the operators, as I would hope we can collectively do with this, established a stronger system with the support of the National Police Improvement Agency, and the thing is now capable of being monitored using software, back to our earlier point, so that the HMIC are able to relatively stand off. That said, we are still checking information, and the PNC issue has not disappeared off the radar.

What I could do, sir, is give you a written specific answer to the specific three questions, if that helps, or I could recover the document now, whichever is easiest. I'm simply trying to contextualise what we've done. People have learnt the PNC. They've learnt to put systems around it. We have tested it for a period of time to help establish that. Then we stand back and monitor it infrequently, just to test that the system is working, which, in essence, if we can come up with some framework in relation to the broader question, is a role we may be able to assist in.

Is that sufficient, sir, or do you --

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