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There's a piece of evidence that Elizabeth Filkin gave the Inquiry and that related to something she was told by Nick Davies. What Elizabeth Filkin told us was -- this is page 101 of the transcript for 5 March:

"And he said also to me [that's Mr Davies speaking to Elizabeth Filkin] that he raised this on several occasions with the Department of Public Affairs when he was ringing up as a journalist for information and they were giving him what he thought by then was inaccurate information, which his sources provided. They, of course, were presumably being briefed, as the Commissioner was at the time, in the same way. But he raised with them on several occasions that he thought they were giving out inaccurate information."

So the point Mr Davies was making was that not merely were you, the DPA, feeding him inaccurate information about the phone hacking issue, but he was telling you that. Were you aware of this?

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