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Well, there has to be a balance, hasn't there? I mean in the same way you may have heard me before, that there's no doubt that the way the press are reporting matters is at the moment rather different to the way in which matters used to be reported, for entirely understandable reasons. There's a nervousness about what's happening and there's likely to be a similar nervousness in relation to police officers who are, after all, only human beings. But doesn't there have to be a system which allows for sensible, intelligent contact, but not a free-for-all? In other words, there has to be some mechanism whereby that contact is at least monitored. Not what you're saying, but if you are meeting a police officer three or four times a week, that would legitimately, if I were a senior police officer, raise concerns. Or do you think that, well, that's quite unnecessary, we just have to be allowed to do our job irrespective?

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