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It's -- right. There are fashions in journalism, so once upon a time all journalists who reported crime were called crime reporters. Now some are called home affairs reporters or whatever. So in a discussion I had several years ago with some of my colleagues, I said we ought to broaden the definition slightly to be one of -- that you have to -- that the criteria that needs to be met is that the bulk of the work done by the individual should be in the arena of law enforcement, because being a member of the Crime Reporters Association, you get -- policing covers so much more than just events, you know, crimes in action. It's about policies, it's about the politics of policing, it's about a myriad of issues.

So providing that somebody can show that they are in an organisation that's staffed to the right level -- that's to say it needs to be a national organisation -- yes, we would allow them to join.

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