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Well, that's right. In a sense, as a crime specialist, I might have six different matters to deal with on any given day that might require me on one hand speaking directly to Mr Fedorcio, on the second strand talking to one of his representatives in the borough of Lewisham, on the third strand talking directly, possibly, to a superintendent on the firearms command about a particular issue that I was interested in and so on and so forth.

So although I'm a CRA member, those -- you know, I would still be doing my normal job without any special -- you know, I could -- any reporter possibly could ring up Mr Fedorcio or the Press Bureau and put in a particular request for information about something and get it. What I suppose does happen is that they could talk in perhaps a more expansive way because they knew that on this particular topic, this is something that I already knew a lot about, so rather than having to explain it, like I said, in the first place, they could talk knowing that I already had a base of knowledge about that topic.

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