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Because in fact, as I've explained to you, I had not been allowed to, quote unquote, "tag along at the last minute". It had in fact been an operation that was seven months in the birthing process, I guess you could call it that, and in fact the officer I know who she's alluding to was not actually on the Flying Squad at the time that I made an approach to be given access to this operation, but he had been what was called a level transfer. He hadn't been promoted, but he had been moved from Operation Trident, where he was in 2003, to the Flying Squad in 2004, and as I've said in my statement to you, he in essence inherited me.

So I felt while we're talking about -- while we're scrutinising the type of relationship that exists sometimes between the police and the media, it was important to correct Ms Hames' misapprehensions about that.

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