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Yes, this is part of -- you know, if you're a specialist reporter, you know about these issues before you even embark on the project, so of course it was something that was -- I had considered and was discussed in great detail, in great length, with -- by the way, I said in my statement, up to a very high level within the Metropolitan Police, up to an Assistant Commissioner level, before my involvement was authorised. I think the Assistant Commissioner at the time was Tarique Ghaffur, who allowed this to happen.

We said was there any way that a prosecution might be jeopardised or prejudiced by our presence there? We talked about the identification issue, and we agreed that essentially identification would not be an issue, in other words if they were there and were arrested holding weapons and masked and so forth, they couldn't very -- they were not in a position to argue, "It wasn't us, it must have been someone else". So as I said, we -- there were some -- there was a lot of negotiation to satisfy all the requirements to allow us to do the job. In fact, in my experience, it was really almost a one-off.

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