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Not very often, but sometimes police officers -- you could tell they were police officers usually just by their phraseology -- if they felt aggrieved about certain things would ring anonymously and sometimes they would ring anonymously a lot. You would have a dialogue with somebody whose identity you never knew. Sometimes you could guess at their motivation. I think on this occasion I think I've said in my response to the question that I think that whoever it was called me was disgruntled about having his working patterns disrupted by changes in force policy, and it was quite an interesting story, because I think actually it had been one of the first forces in the country to take all their motorway patrols and return them to ordinary policing duties, it was making them do more real police work, and then two or three weeks later the same voice rang me and said, "Guess what happened last night". That's perfectly legitimate to follow that through. But of course it had to be checked properly with -- I think in this case it was the Surrey force, and they immediately confirmed that that was in fact what had happened.

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