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No, I think there's a misconception here, sir. I think what you're seeing on television and in the newspapers where there are photographs of celebrities or well-known people who have been arrested then coming out of a police station, what will happen is if the newspapers become aware through whichever means that somebody is under arrest, a group of photographers, reporters from all papers and camera crews may well go to -- try and go to the police station where that person is being held. They won't necessarily be told where they're being held by the police. In fact, in my experience it's quite rare that they would. But you would split it up in a practical working, practical way, split up the work of one paper or one photographer goes to this police station, another goes to that police station. I mean I've known occasions in our own office where we've had teams of three, perhaps four photographers going out to different police stations trying to find out --

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