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Mixture of both, really, sir, but it would be by way of conversation. It wouldn't be necessarily as anything for a story, but that's happened on a couple of occasions. But it wouldn't be for me to act on. I mean -- you know, there are cases I don't think it would have perhaps been of any interest anyway to the paper, sir, but I just was trying to be -- explain that sometimes as a crime correspondent you might be in a social setting where somebody mentions that there could be something of -- that they might be doing some work related to whatever subject. If that was a police officer, rarely the case. Or that you might have knowledge from even -- I don't know, I don't want to get too specific, but a lawyer, for instance, who might be told they were going to perhaps recommend somebody or -- so you might have advance knowledge that there could be some kind of police action, sir, but you wouldn't necessarily act on it.

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