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It does. I think, sir, you may be referring to the evidence given by Bob Quick, when he said that he noticed myself, Lucy Panton and, I can't remember, it may have been Stephen Wright, drinking at this wine bar, which is a Davy's Wine Bar, around the corner from Scotland Yard, and in fact I referred to that in my statement because it was one of the occasions I met Sir Paul Stephenson when he was Deputy Commissioner, and from memory, I can't recall exactly, but I think there had been a leaving reception held at the Yard that night. A number of people including press officers and a number of journalists had gone across the road to the wine bar, which is fairly near to New Scotland Yard.

That was the only time I can ever recall meeting John Yates late at night, or later in the evening. I think there may have been one other occasion where we bumped into each other earlier in the evening. So I rather took exception to Mr Quick's assertion that we were there specifically for one purpose, and haven't we got homes and families to go to, because he was talking about one incident there, which I recorded faithfully in this statement, and completely making the wrong interpretation.

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