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I think if there were clear guidelines, sir, on what is acceptable and what is unacceptable, it would be helpful. What it needs to be is practical, so for instance every now and again I am invited to a -- mostly these days, because of my age, retirement party from a police officer who I may have known, or press officer, for many years. If I were to turn up, or indeed any other journalist could turn up to such a social occasion, would everybody present then have to record the presence -- my own presence or the presence of any other journalist? I think you're getting into realms of -- layers of bureaucracy which would be impossible to manage.

If I were to have a one-to-one or any other journalist were to have a one-to-one meeting, a cup of tea, a drink, to discuss any particular case or incident which a police officer may be or press officer might be trying to promote or promote some good work, then if there was a record of that, I personally couldn't really see any harm of that, sir. At this point in time, looking back and having heard the evidence in this Inquiry, I think it might be the best thing, all ways around. But it's different from a group situation.

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