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Well, I hadn't really thought about my answer on that, on the West case in relation to the Jefferies case, until this morning. The only reason I mentioned that was because I was a young reporter at the time at the Mail, it was a highly competitive Fleet Street bun fight, you could say, really. That's what it was. It was chaotic down in Gloucester during the first few weeks of the developing story. A lot of competition. I even had a situation where the senior investigating officer, Mr Bennett, rang me to ask me to withdraw from someone's -- a witness's address, and I said to Mr Bennett, "I'm actually in London at the moment, could you please give a description of someone who is saying they are Stephen Wright and write for the Daily Mail?" I hadn't met Mr Bennett at that stage, and it's fair to say that the description of that individual proved it wasn't me, but there was some real skullduggery going on there in that story.

As I said in my statement, a number of media organisations, broadcasters, not just newspapers, were found to have been paying witnesses, and I'm very proud that the Daily Mail wasn't amongst those.

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