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The influence was small, possibly. There was influence, I think, that prior to the -- prior to the police Superintendents Association annual conference in September 1997, I had a private meeting with the president, and he gave details of what he was proposing to put in his speech and the same thing he would have said to other reporters as well, and it's just open, but he mentioned that he was interested in the issue of the double jeopardy laws and was going to raise a case in the north-east in relation to his speech.

And I said, "Well, actually I'm very interested in this as well in relation to the Stephen Lawrence case, and if there could be a change in the law and if there's suitable evidence came forward, then there might be an opportunity for a retrial." As a result of that, he inserted that in his speech and made a powerful reference to it and used it in a slide show as well. So I just wanted to emphasise once again the positive aspects of being a crime reporter.

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