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Well, they were, but there was an explanation for that, obviously. When Sir Ian was appointed Commissioner in I think it was November 2004, I was very keen to foster a good relationship with him -- not a good relationship, but a working relationship. There were concerns on both sides, I'll be honest, and we met for a private lunch, there was no press officer there. Obviously what was discussed that day was confidential but it was just me saying that I will be, you know, fair and -- fair in our reporting, and I want to be -- to build, you know, a good, professional relationship with you.

Unfortunately, after the 7/7 attacks, Sir Ian's career started to be affected by a series of stories about himself. So I think if you're coming up -- not to pre-empt what you're going to say, but unfortunately the sad reality is that Sir Ian was the architect of his own downfall because of the controversies which he attracted. It wasn't a factor -- it wasn't a factor of the Daily Mail having an agenda against him. As police officers followed the evidence, we as journalists followed the story, and Ian Blair made himself the story.

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