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Indeed, but -- yes, I understand that, but in relation to the actual phone hacking element, I mean when Mr Grant was here, you, Mr Jay, were quite rightly looking and picking him up on the difference between supposition and fact, and the only facts that you have in relation to phone hacking are the call log and the diaries of Glenn Mulcaire, so in that sense it's quite pertinent and it's quite key. The reason being that what a call log should be able to tell you is exactly where inside an organisation calls come from. It should be able to tell you whether, for instance, the calls come from the Sun's newsroom or the News of the World's newsroom or some other place inside News International.

Now, it is my contention that quite a lot of those 100 calls actually were perfectly innocent calls, that they were coming -- they were normal traffic that was coming to me because I was working for the Times newspaper, and that it was -- it appears that it's not innocent because the originating phone number is always the same, it's always this mobile number --

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