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I think this story was a unique position, in the sense of Mr Stevens was declaring himself as a suspect. I think you'll read there he actually said, "If I was the police, I'd arrest me too." I mean, you know, that is a unique situation. That's not something certainly that has ever happened in my career, that I've been speaking to someone who has declared themselves as a suspect. In any other given situation, if you say that somebody is a suspect, then of course the chances are they will go on the run, which is -- in the story that I referred to that we didn't run, which was that a former Flying Squad officer held up a bookmakers -- clearly, it was a story that was of interest to me. I called the police and said, "This is the story we're planning on running." I was then asked not to run that story because, although he had been named internally on the intranet at Scotland Yard, there were hidden cameras that he wasn't aware of, so he was not aware that the police knew who he was. Now, we did not run that story for that reason.

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