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Mr House can I thank you for the obvious work that you and it's quite clear your force have put into responding. I hope the questions weren't too restrictive. They were intended to make sure that they cover the ground, but if there's anything you feel we've not covered at any stage, please take the opportunity to elaborate.

Could I make it clear that I'm aware that Strathclyde are presently involved in an investigation which raises a number of the issues with which this Inquiry is concerned, and I want it to be understood by all: I am not merely not inviting you to deal with that inquiry, I am positively requiring you not to. It has been a very important aspect of this part of the Inquiry that I am not trespassing on individual investigations. I've learnt a fair amount about Operations Weeting, Elveden and Tuleta, but only in the most general and not the most specific sense. Your operation, I understand it, is very specific, and covers one particular incident. I have no intention whatsoever of impeding or affecting any criminal investigation or inquiry.

I say that now so that those who say, "Well, why wasn't he asked about ..." will understand that this does not feature within what I'm trying to do.

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