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Yes, I think we've gone in the right direction. I think we're in a situation where people in the organisation understand that it's a professional relationship and that we are doing it for the public good, and there are positive reasons to do it, and it's not a dirty thing that needs to be hidden away, and one of the things I didn't put in my evidence that I don't think that we do to encourage that is in our selection processes for senior officers, our internal selection processes, we always include a mocked up media interview, which does a couple of things. It allows us to test them under a bit of stress, but it also sees whether they can perform credibly dealing with that sort of a situation. But I think the more subtle thing is it tells them that we consider this aspect to be an important part of the make-up of a senior operational police officer, and I think that helps to feed through to the culture that contact with the media is part of the job, but it must be within certain bounds, it must be professional and it must be for the public good, not for the private good.

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