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Could I ask you about leaks. Question 30 you're asked:

"To what extent have leaks from Strathclyde Police to the media been a problem during your tenure as Chief Constable?"

You explain that it would be wrong to say that from time to time information has not leaked out to the media but then you say over the page that you do not believe that your force has a significant problem with the leaking of information to the media and that most officers and staff operate with integrity at all times.

Then you go on to set out in response to questions 32 and 33 how many investigations have been conducted into actual or suspected leaks from Strathclyde Police to the media during the last five years, and you tell us that there have been 45 investigations conducted in respect of suspected leaks during the last five years, all of them have been reported to the CCU, which is the counter corruption unit, and that it's resulted in one officer being reported to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service; of the remaining 44, eight resulted in the report being disproved, 29 unsubstantiated and the other seven basically remain subject to review.

Then you were asked:

"Has disciplinary action been taken against any member of staff for leaking information?"

The answer is no. And essentially you say in one case relating to passing information for financial reward and that report's now with Crown counsel for further direction.

I've been asked to ask you a number of questions about this. First of all, how were the leaks discovered? If you can give us a general picture, because I understand that in each case that will probably be different, but were they a result of, for example, published articles where it became clear that information had been leaked or were they discovered in some other way?

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