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I'm sure there are improvements, and if we were offered them, we would certainly consider trying to improve the system. We are here into the people that we are recruiting into the organisation and their motivation. We've recruited, because of growth in policing in Scotland, a huge number of officers in the last four or five years. I've spoken to every intake of new probationers, and talked to them about integrity and talked to them about particularly the Data Protection Act, because a number of our officers get themselves into trouble over the Data Protection Act. In fact, just yesterday I signed two officers who are being investigated for misuse of data protection, data in our systems.

So we try to recruit the right people. We tell them what our standards of behaviour are and expect and we let them know that there is an investigative process and their fingerprints in the systems are all logged and can be tracked back. We still suffer intrusions and unauthorised disclosures, and sometimes it's media-driven, sometimes it's criminally-driven. That's another aspect.

We could increase the size of the CCU, but that's about resources.

There are IT improvements in Scottish policing coming up which will allow systems to be more integrated and will allow a better watch over this sort of thing, so that will help as well, but we would be happy to take on board recommendations anywhere around that.

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