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We actively recruit into our media department from journalists, and I think to do -- and to say we won't accept journalists into our media department would be the wrong decision because we're looking for people who understand what journalists are looking for and are there to assist them getting what they need within the requirements of our organisation.

If someone from the media comes into our organisation and then goes back out again into the media, you are reliant upon professional code of ethics, both journalists and the police. I have to say that we have a number of people within our media department who have been journalists and worked in the media and we experience no problem. If they were to turn around and go back into the media, would I be concerned? Actually, I wouldn't be, because they're good at what they do and if they go and work for someone else, they'll be good. Will they use some of their knowledge and their understanding? Well, they're bound to, that's human nature.

That's one aspect. The other aspect is senior officers retiring and going off and writing. That does -- that is of concern, I think. I think if it's done in the right way, it's done authoritatively about technical issues to inform the public, to provide a useful inject of experience and done for positive reasons, it's a good thing. If it's done for revenge and settling of some scores, and "let me tell you what really happened", then it's disappointing.

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