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Yes, I do, and I'd go back to my own experience. If I put myself in the position of an editor in the West of Scotland, when I arrived as Chief Constable it sort of -- they'd been used to, I think, seven years of my predecessor with a particular style on media, and then I come in with a completely different style. The next chief -- well, there won't be another Chief Constable of Strathclyde because we're merging into a single force, but whoever is the first Chief Constable in Scotland may have a different style again and there's a swing there which provides the media with -- they can get understandably what's the policy, what's the procedure and practice under this individual?

So if there was a consistent -- it wouldn't just be a consistency across the country, acknowledging Scotland is a different jurisdiction for policing, but it would also be a consistency across time, and it would allow relationships to grow and solidify within an understood code of practice across the boundary between media and policing, and I think if it was consistent over the years, that would strengthen and would grow and would hopefully avoid the sort of issues that you are having to deal with.

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